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Superior Quality Paper/Board

SÄVE PULP AND PAPER: a Rabeco Group Business, since 1981


Quality Swedish Paper from our Chinese Mills


SÄVE is a part of the Rabeco Group of Companies, founded in 1981. We supply most grades and qualities of paper/board, with western pulp, to clients and business partners world-wide. For the past 33 years, our products have been exported from China to over 40 countries. OUr quality paper is quite distinctive in all major markets.





SÄVE™ has an extensive production and fully integrated counter-processing operation. We produce paper/board from our own pulp at well-reputed, large-scale paper mills in China.


All products are produced with SÄVE supervision and strict SOP according to SÄVE requests.


We hold certificates from FSC, ISEGA, ISO and SGS.


MultiLingual Service


Our interntaional sales team station both in Sweden and China, speaking English, Swedish, French, Russian, Chinese.




SÄVE™ Paper/Boards have been available in many countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas.


SÄVE™ is a premium brand, famous in Norden, popular across the world.


We grow together with our dedicated dealers around the globe.



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